COM 410
FALL 2012
Professor Renee Hobbs

Course Goals and Objectives
  1. Students will become more reflective and aware of the role of mass media and digital technology in the context of family dynamics and human development;
  2. Students will gain knowledge about the economics and industry structure of children’s media, including the work of those who create apps for children, music, film, television, advertising, videogames, and the Internet;
  3. Students will gain knowledge of communication policy issues concerning children and youth;
  4. Students will gain knowledge about the cognitive, social and emotional aspects of children’s media and technology use;
  5. Students strengthen critical reading and research skills in understanding diverse research paradigms for exploring children and media and develop strategies for evaluating quantitative and qualitative research concerning children and media;
  6. Students improve skills of written, oral and multimedia expression by composing in a variety of genres, including academic writing, public speaking, reviews, formal letters and emails, wikis and multimedia presentations, research summaries, personal reflections, and proposals and treatments.