Dance Moms by Allison Medeiros and Jennifer Principe

Cindy T. Cabrera & Ryan D. Giviens: Final Project Webpage

Kid Zone: A Social Network for Kids Final Paper- Phillip Allen

Self-Presentation on Facebook: Final Project by Stephanie Falcone & Chelsea Trotta:

FINAL PAPER-----------------

Students shared their work in progress and received feedback:

Paper Proposal by Christopher Spencer with RH comments

Creative Proposal by Melissa Napolitano and Kashina Ayala - with RH comments

Final Project Concept by Jennifer Principe and Allison Medeiros

Project Proposal by Phillip Allen

Final Paper Concept- Sandy Farrell

Final Paper Concept- Sloane Danziger

CONCEPT PAPERS are the first part of the project development process. See student concept papers here. Learn more about the assignment here. If you're developing a creative proposal into a full project, here's a sample proposal to give you a sense of the format and expectations.