Book Proposal
Raising children:
Who run to the bathroom instead of living you an unwanted surprise.
By: Christopher Spencer
Summary- If parents could teach their children to self-regulate at an early age. They would not have the fears of media and new technology’s and how it can take a negative role in their child’s life. What I want to do is gather more research on the topic of self-regulation and how it ties into children, media and technology. If I can find enough information my goal is to come up with a couple of ways to shows parents some habits they could teach their children at an early age would help them so when the children get older the parents can have more faith in their children that they will make positive decisions when using different type of new technology media for example tablets and using them as a new tool for reading as well as playing games when they are done studying. Right now I am thinking about a little self help book maybe about 200 pages or so enough to break down about ten key steps that will help parents teach their children to self-regulate in their lives and when they use media and technology.

The Market- This self help book will be targeted to parents mostly mother and teenagers mother since when you combine this topic and how no one has really tackled this market yet for teenage mom it will be a great way to test out that market and see if there is a opportunity to make money from it. Also I have faith that they will buy it because it will be a tool for mothers to use when they are having hard times raising their child and some knowledge that could make raising their child easier and less stressful.
Audience- the age range will be age 17 to 30 mostly female because I don’t think a most males will pay let alone read the book. And it will most likely by more of the teenage moms that will buy the book because older women plan to have children and get them prepared and rely more on their motherly instincts.
Other books – one of the books that would be competition would be Raising Charlie: a self help book for single mothers by Kitty McCaffrey which is more geared for single mothers while my book will be to help any and every type of mother to learn skills or techniques that will help them teach their child how to self-regulate at an early age. Also my book will have a website or blog at the end of the book where the mothers can talk to each other and discuss what works and what does not and other thinks that can make the mothering processing less stressful.
Content Overview- it’s going to be a total of ten chapters and the book is not going to be linear each chapter is going to focus on a different issue that a parent may face raising a child or to teach them to get rid of a bad habit and replace it with a better.
Book Length, Illustrations, and Delivery- The manuscript will be about 200 words, will be delivered within 6 months of signing of a contract. For illustrations they will consist of a few pictures for the techniques that need to be show and the cover is the only part of the book that will have color everything else will be black and white.
Market and Promotion - i would market at family bookstores and kids store like Baby's R Us and Children's Place and places like that where most mothers shop for children then I will promote at all those places plus day-cares, parks and mall kids play area.