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In this paper I compare the comic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that came out in 1984 to the new television show that is airing September 29, 2012. Teenage mutant ninja turtles aka TMNT was created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

The concept behind TMNT was to combine slow cold reptiles with Japanese martial artists and for it to be a team of fours brother each with different ninja weapons. Leonardo, the leader of the group, used two katanas as his weapon: the oldest of the four turtles, Michelangelo the easy going one, wielded a pair of nunchaku, Donatello was the scientist and inventor of the group and his weapon of choice is the bo staff, and last Raphael, the bad boy of the group uses a pair of sais. With the story plot being the four brothers being the good guys fighting against the evil shredder who is an evil ninja trying to take over the world.

The new TMNT had a couple of episodes so far and I have seen three so far , the last episode I seen starts the first scene with introducing the villains of the show that had a dark tone and music playing as the villains were plotting how they were going to kidnap the turtles sensei. Then it cut to the first scene of the brothers together where they introduce who is who and how each one has their own personality or set trait that describes them. Even down to their skin each one has their own skin tone like how Raphael is darker then Mikey and how Mikey has dark spots on his skin and Leo has very light spots. Even though I can already tell the tone of this series is going to be very kid friend, since when the brother’s are always together they make fun of each other, Mikey is the comic relief and even when they fight each other for practice it has more of a play fighting feel. Also they have their original weapons plus a secondary one now for everyone except Raphael who still only has his pair of sai’s.
Also with each turtle having a mask with a certain color to tell the different between the characters: Leonardo (blue), Michelangelo (orange), Donatello (purple) and Raphael (red).now when it came down to the fighting scene there are a lot of jumping around and doing flips and different ninja moves that the turtle hit their enemies until they knock them out you so you see no blood or the turtles will out smarting the villains and trip them in something they can get out of.

That is a censored version of the original comic in which they were not scared to show blood seen on the title page there is blood on the sword in the word turtles. Just like in the comic they would show the turtles cutting an enemy with their sword and show the blood on the end of the sword, as in the new series the only cutting they will show is if the enemy is not human and the color of the blood will be anything but red. Now even though they have made the new series more kid friendly I love how they have added a lot of elements from the comic to this series. I first saw it towards the end of the intro where the turtle pose just but the show begins, like the original ones on the title page of the original one that I have the picture of at the beginning of this paper.

Something I have also seen that goes with the comics is that when the turtle are doing something that is serious in nature their eyes turn all white just like how their eyes are in the comics. The way they would beat the villains in the story would be outsmarting them or by over powering them with their fighting skills and then getting to their objective for example saving or protecting someone or stopping the villain from getting more power to help them take over the world. Now for the original they all had red masks and looked the same the only way you could tell the difference was by the weapon they were holding or using.

The thing that amazed me the most is that when I did research on the original TMNT was on how dark of a comic it was compared to the new one getting launched on Nickelodeon. The old one was in black and white which added to the dark feel to its plus in this version of it characters would die or get killed and they would show it, they also had some sexual content too that was aimed for an older crowd. As with the new version they don’t show any blood or really kill off any of the characters and if they do they are never dead for too long. That Makes sense because it is a kids show but without the dark element in it anymore it could turn the show into more of a comedy that takes away from the realism of the story and the original message it was trying to send(Wikipedia, 2012)

When it came down to whom they were targeting boys or girls I would say more for boys because of the action and adventure element but it also has something for girls too since as the story goes on the turtles meet their first human who is April O’Neil a reporter in the comic and a teenager and daughter to a scientist in the new series. Then later on they meet and befriend Casey Jones a crime fighter to who gets involved in a romance relationship with April as the story processes to the point in some story lines the two ends up married. In the original comic the theme was most likely met for older children ages 12 to 15 and into the teenage years since it was more real tones like having to make tough choices and that there is not always going to be a happy ending and to be happy with what you have in life because you never know when it can be taken away. With the new series most of the messages focus on working together as a team and using social skills. One thing that they focus is on was how the four brothers have different personalities and how sometime they fight but, at the end of the day they solve their problem and end up working as a team. This teaches children that you can get along with anyone and how to work out situations by talking to people and looking at their point of view and not just your own.

Overall, the comic and the show are similar in many ways but some of the big differences are that for one the newer one is more colorful than the comic and more kid friendly and focus on issues the children may face in their everyday life and how to handle situations on their own. From the economic point of view people who grow up with the original are going to want to check this one out because it will bring back memories of their childhood and also for the ones that have children it will be something for them to share and have in common to in a way help bring a family together and help the new show get money from both new and old fans of the turtles.

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