After looking over comments from my original app idea for the last project, I decided to do my final paper and slide show on a revised and improved version of the app. My app, as stated before, is called Color Me Board. This app is designed to give children the experience of using chalk on a chalkboard, without giving parents a dusty mess to clean up.

This app designed for Ipads, Iphones, and Andorids. It is meant to work as a substitute for a real chalkboard, for children ages 4-6, but without the dusty mess. The app includes a black board background, and a green background, six shades of chalk, three sizes of chalk, and an eraser. Color Me Board has all the characteristics of an actual chalkboard. The eraser needs to be used a few times to fully erase lines, and drawings can be gone over multiple times to increase the color and thickness. You can even hear the screeches of the chalk as you slide your finger across the screen. Color Me Board also features a draw and guess feature, which allows children to play against another random child, and guess what each other’s drawings, are. The game has 5 levels, and the picture that needs to be drawn is given to the child. For example, Level 1 will say “draw a cat” and the opponent will need to use their best judgment to decide what it is. Each level has 2 chances before the opponent looses and is forced to move on to the next level. Another feature this app has is “saving” the pictures the child draws, and allowing the pictures to be shared on Facebook or Twitter, so family and friends can see what the child is drawing. If the child doesn’t want to partake in the game feature, they can simply just doodle and save their art work to the device.