Kashina Ayala and Melissa Napolitano
Com 410 Children and the Media
Creative Proposal
26 October 2012

After discussing possible final project topics we decided we would like to further expand the idea of creating a teenage healthy eating cooking game show. This idea was presented by Kashina Ayala for the mini proposal, but we are interested in expanding this idea to a full proposal. We plan to create a business plan that can explain how we plan to pay for the show, the people we would need to hire for the show, and who we feel would be interested in buying the show. We plan to include recipes, nutritional information, and concepts on diseases and health scares facing the teenage population today. In addition we plan to explain the importance of healthy eating habits, exercise, and body image issues that teens encounter throughout the U.S. We plan on explaining fully the contestants for the show, the host, and the judges we will choose to participate on the show. We would like to discuss in full detail the format of the show, the length of each episode, and how much it will cost to film the show.

We hope to include the concept of a fan website and possible mommy blogs that could be utilized by viewers of the show. The concept of the healthy eating cooking show is not just a show for teenagers, but a place for parents to learn new cooking ideas to cook for their children. We hope to discuss ideas that will help families everywhere. The cooking recipes will not be solely American cuisine, but we feel it is essential to exhibit foods from all cultures. We want to attract a diverse audience by showing cultural foods from countries that Americans may not be familiar too. In addition to it being a competitive cooking show, consisting of two teams of four teenagers, but it is also a way for the winning team to win a prize to further their goals in life. Each participant will be asked to create a two- minute mini video that will discuss their ambitions for their future if they were to win the grand prize.

This is a great proposal and a very fundable project. You will need to consider a variety of special segments, like a variety show, to ensure that children's attention is held. Think about the best NICK variety shows -- humor is an important component here. Also, do take a look at the full proposal I have supplied on the ASSIGNMENTS page to get an idea of the scope of what's needed.