Kashina Ayala
Iron Chef America: Teen Takeover
Inventive, imaginative, non-traditional, competitive methods of cooking performed by two teams of teenagers in a fun fast-paced environment.

Phil Allen
Kid Zone
Make friends fast by downloading the KID ZONE application to find kids your age with the same interests and hobbies near you!

Cindy Cabrera
Chore Champ
Show- off your swagger to all your friends for being the chore champ at your house! Use this game as a tool to keep track of the points earned from completed chores and cash them in at the end of your shift to earn your reward(s). Noobs beware! If you can’t keep up, you’ll be dubbed the chore chump & receive no credit!

Sloane Danzinger
Color Me Bored
This app is designed to inspire children to write and draw, without the mess of supplies.

Stephanie Falcone
Veggie Mate
An app designed to convince children to eat their vegetables with just the click of a button.

Ryan Giviens
Your kids can open up hundreds of doors that will allow them to experience the world, its cultures, its languages, and its people while they embark on countless adventures all from within the palms of their hands, and all they have to do is Nok.

Christopher Hatch
An at home individualized learning reinforcement program, Excelerate is a tablet/smartphone app that will combine mini game learning modules for a variety of subjects, while combining an overall video-game feel, fun cartoons and a strong narrative.

Allison Medeiros
ANIwhere ANImals
Explore six different habitats and their animals while playing fun games to unlock surprises!

Melissa Napolitano
Willy's Wild World
Willy’s Wild World is a Travel Channel original series that allows children to follow the host, Willy, as he embarks on worldwide adventures; teaching his viewers about an array of cultures, customs and traditions through his journeys.

Jennifer Principe
The Tollman Trio
A best friend girl trio, with interests in science, animals and band, trying to get through normal high school challenges and celebrations.

Christopher Spencer
Wolf Ronin
What would you do if you could go back…..