Baste the Taste: YouFood Inc.
Melissa Napolitano and Kashina Ayala
10 Upper College Road, Suite A
Kingston, RI 02881
November 11, 2012

The Home of Food Networking
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Dear Food Network,

We have recently developed a creative proposal for a unique educational game show series for children and teens alike. It is our intention to present our ideas, in hopes that your participation will help with the production of Baste the Taste: YouFood. After viewing many of your programs, we believe that Baste the Taste: YouFood would be a great addition to your already successful line up. Due to the fast-paced, competitive aspects of the show, it is bound to generate a surplus of viewers and income.

Our motives for creating this program are to educate both children and parents on the importance of staying active and eating better. Each episode will showcase a wide variety of ethnic recipes equiped with detailed nutritional information and tips for eating right. In addition, episodes will provide education on diseases associated with unhealthy lifestyles, misconceptions about body image and suggestions for integrating exercise into hectic schedules.

Over the course of the series, applicants will be selected to compete on teams of four to create fun, flavorful dishes with the help of an established team coach. The contestants will be allotted 45 minutes to produce three dishes. After the presentations, the judges will collaborate on which team has best demonstrated creativty, nutritional, and time-oriented dishes. The judges will collaboratively decide and announce the winning team, in which, prizes will be at stake, keeping both audience and contestants intrigued from start to finish.

Attached you will find a detailed description of the episodes, an in depth competitive analysis, our production time table, and a link to the website we have created to promote the series. We look forward to your response and are excited at the prospect of our potential collaboration in the near future. Our contact information has been provided below, should you be interested in our proposal. Thank you for both your time and interest in viewing our proposal.

Baste the Taste: YouFood Inc.
Melissa Napolitano and Kashina Ayala
10 Upper College Road, Suite A
Kingston, RI 02881

Melissa Napolitano and Kashina Ayala

Creative Proposal Pechaukucha
Season 1 Recipes

Melissa Napolitano and Kashina Ayala
Com 410
Professor: Renee Hobbs
December 4, 2012

TITLE: Baste the Taste: YouFood

CONCEPT: Two diversified teams learning how to prepare healthy, creative, multicultural food in a thriving environment.
CONTENT: The show will involve two teams of teenagers with four people on each team. Each team will compete against one another by preparing three dishes of food that will be presented to each judge. Each team will have 45 minutes to prepare all three courses. The teams will consist of two boys and two girls on each team, who will collaboratively creative a snack, dinner, and dessert that will best show the creative, inventive, and cultural foods of each team. In addition to the four members on each team, there will be a team coach/executive chef on each team to help with safety regulations and education on culinary arts. The team coaches are not allowed to actually prepare the food for the contestants or flavor the food because that would create a big disadvantage to both teams. The dishes will be presented to three judges: Demi Lovato, Shailene Woodley, and the third judge will be a surprise judge of the week. The first episode will have Leon Thomas III from the hit show ‘Victorious’ as the guest judge. The judges were chosen for multiple reasons that would help increase awareness for healthier living habits for the youth, as well as increasing popularity and profit for the show. Shailene Woodley is very well known for the show, The Secret Life: Of An American Teenager, in which is one of the most popular shows on television right now. In addition, we hope that ABC will help advertise our new show on their network to increase awareness of our relatable show. Demi Lovato was chosen becuase she is an activist for teenage obesity and teenages who struglle with eating disorders, so this would be a good platform for her personally and professionally. The guest judge will vary from week to week, but it is important to note that we do have temporary replacement judges for Shailene or Demi when they are required for other professional obligations. The emphasis of this show is not solely on the quality of food because these are young teens who are putting their passion, love, and fun for food to the test; rather the show is to educate teenagers and parents on healthier options to the traditional foods eaten in America. This show will also emphasize the risks of obesity, high cholesterol, unhealthy eating habits, improper diet techniques and the importance of a balanced diet.

SUSPENSE FACTOR: The contestants will not be able to choose the recipe being made nor will they have any idea of what ingredients are needed. The teams will have to race against the clock the entire time on the show. Not only will they only have 45 minutes to cook each course, but they also will have to work collectively in answering the opening questions to receive advantages while cooking. Another suspense factor to the show will be how the recipe is given to the teams. Guy Fieri, the host of the show, will play a music sound bite of a song, and the team to correctly guess the song will have the option to select which mentor they will like and which one the opposite team will get. This could show some of the competitive spirit within the show because each mentor is a specialist in a specific kind of food. If the team that wins gives the competition a mentor with little specialty in the cultural food given, it could give that team a slight edge.

ENTERTAINMENT FACTOR: The show will open with Guy Fieri introducing the teams to the viewers and the audience applauding. He will then ask an opening question to both teams. The question will not be revealed to the teams prior to the airing of the show. The question could vary from entertainment, movies, music, sports, education, politics, etc… The team to correctly answer the question will gain extra cooking ware to help prepare their creative classics. An additional entertainment portion will be videos of the contestants’ favorite recipes, two-minute videos on the contestants’ cultural background and hobbies, and live performances by the guest judges. During the 45 minute preparation time, a musical aspect provided by the celebrity judge will act as a timer. When the music stops, the chefs will be instructed to step away from the cutting board and present their meals as they are to the judges.
The purpose of the show is to entertain the audience, the judges, and the viewers at home, but also providing an educational aspect on healthy living and better food choices for teenagers. The show will not only provide American food options, but multicultural, kid-friendly foods that are easy to make and delicious. The viewers at home will have access to the recipes to do at home themselves also. In addition to receiving the recipes, each week the viewers at home will have access to vote online for the best presentation, best group unity, and most likeable meals. The team who creates the most creative, well-presented, delicious dishes of food will win the ultimate prize. The prize will vary from show to show because each team is asked what their hobbies, interests, and future goals are. The team who wins will appear again on the show on the season finale, which will have all of the winning teams competing for the ultimate prize! The show will take place in Kitchen Stadium in New York City. The stadium will feature stadium seating, live action, and audience participation. In addition, the audience will vote on what the secret ingredient is for the episode at hand. The host of the show will be Guy Fieri, who is well known for trying various combinations of food.

FORMAT & GENRE: This show is a fast-paced, interactive, action-packed game show format. The show will consist of a host, eight contestants, three judges, and a live audience. In addition, the contestants will prepare a two minute video that shows the viewers at home and the audience who they are, where they come from, what their favorite foods are, who influenced their cooking style, what their interests are, what their future goals are, which school they attend, the importance of health in their lives, and why they feel they will be great competition. It is important to note that the contestants will be diverse, and will have equal numbers of girls and boys on each team. The show will start off with the host introducing the show, the contestants, and a brief explanation of the rules of the show. The rules are as follows: each team will consist of four members and a coach. The coach is collaboratively selected by each team, and their options consist of choosing from the current Iron Chefs of America. The coach will be introduced right before the first commercial break. After the break, the host will reveal what the audience has chosen for possible recipes. The teams will then have two minutes to collaborate with the coach and their team mates on what three items they will make. They then will divide their team on who will complete what and how everything will be prepared. Each team must be able to have a snack, a dessert, and dinner on the plate before the 45 minutes expires. The plates must be well presented and creative. After the meals are done, the three judges will give their evaluation of each course and decide who they feel has the best dishes. Each contestant will discuss the ingredients used, the style of the course, and what measurements were used. The recipes will then appear on the right corner of the screen so the viewers at home, whether it is kids or parents, will be able to use them. The viewers at home will then have to decide on who they feel are the winners, by voting online within the given commercial break. After, the break the host will reveal who the winner is and what they have won. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT SAFETY CONCERNS WILL BE DISCUSSED THROUGHOUT THE SHOW! During the preparations of the three courses discussions on health topics, statistics, and factual information on a balanced diet will be discussed as well, through pre-recorded tapes by each contestant, which will air in between the cooking time.

AUDIENCE AND DISTRIBUTION: The show is an hour long, live action, game show. We hope to have the show appearevery Sunday night at 7pm eastern standard time. The show will have 15 episodes and 1 season finale episode, which will be an allstar challenge between the previous winners. The target audience will be ages 12 to 17 of all races and genders. Although the ages will vary each team will consist of similar age groups, so that there are no advantages for one team over the other. Each diversified team will have to collaboratively create cultural meals that are kid-friendly, fun, and creative. Each contestant is on the show to win the ultimate prize, however, the contestants will learn how to work in groups, communicate effectively to one another, work at a fast-paced environment, decision making capabilities, problem solving skills, measurements for recipes, the ability to accept others’ ideas, the importance of time, and respect for coaches, teammates and opponents.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: There aren’t specific shows that are similar to the concept presented, but PBS offers a show called “Hey Kids Let’s Cook” that offers the abilities for children to learn a different recipe each week. “Hey Kids Let’s Cook” is targeted at ages 6 to 14, while YouFood: Baste the Taste is targeted at ages 12 to 17. YouFood: Baste the Taste offers the abilities for teenagers to use their own imagination, creativity, and originality in making their own creations of a snack, dinner, and a dessert. This show is a better option than any other similar show because it offers factual nutritional information, suspense, team building skills, and significant abilities that teenagers need. There isn’t a show on television that offers two teams of teenagers that are able to express themselves through their passion of food, cooking, decorating, communicating, and competition. The lessons learned on this show cannot be beaten either. What other show offers teenagers to learn the best food options, calorie content. introduction to multicultural foods, and the abilities to make new friends and healthy relationships? This show is without a doubt the best option for television.

APPEAL: Teenagers will love this show because it offers a positive, productive environment that allows them to express themselves in multiple ways. The emotions that teenagers experience during adolescence are unpredictable, so this show offers a way for teenagers to be understood, while gaining great educational background on nutrition and food. Teenagers will be able to show off their skills, make friends, and win great prizes that can help with their future careers, hobbies, and goals. The fight of being the best in high school could be solved in Kitchen Stadium, which is a positive environment; rather than teenagers using their competitive strive in a violent way. The appearance of celebrities and being seen on television we believe would attract teenagers to watch the show as well. Not only is the show fun, teenagers will be able to show the world who they are and what their talents are, and what teenager wouldn’t want this?

DISTRIBUTION: The show will reach audiences through internet advertisements, television commercials, and radio advertisements as well. The internet advertisements will be made via Google, YouTube, and Facebook because these are the three most popular teenager websites. The show will appear on television commercials on the Disney Channel, MTV, BET, Food Network, Discovery Kids, ABC Family, and Nickelodeon. These are the most popular television channels in the United States, so it would be smart to air commercials advertising the new show on these channels to obtain viewers and possible participants.

MARKETING/PROMOTION/LICENSING/MERCHANDISING: We will help pay for this show by proposing to food manufacturers the benefits in helping to produce a healthier America for children and teenagers. We will also create a proposal for Wal-Mart to help provide food and prizes for the show, in hopes that they see the advertisement opportunities for themselves by helping out with the show as well. We would see if there are any chefs like Paula Dean, Emeril Lagasse, Guy Fieri, and any other Iron Chefs if they can contribute to the cooking utensils, pots pans, etc… on the show and in return their products will be advertised throughout the show. Most of the Iron Chefs also have contracts with Target, so we were hoping through networking possiblities that Target could also sell our T-shirts, aprons, cooking ware, etc... We would expect advertising to happen on the original show, Iron Chef America, which would help promote their sister show. We would be in charge of promoting the show by appearing on the radio, interviews, and talk shows. I believe that radio promotions would be great because the target audience tends to listen to music greatly. Talk shows are a way to reach out to parents who might become interested in learning more recipes, and perhaps realize that their children are capable of relating to the show.
We would propose to Nike, Gatorade, and Crest to sponsor the show also becasue they are also promoting healthy options for kids and teenagers. NIke, specifically would be a great sponsor because we could sell our fitness aparrel, shoes, and accessories through their brand which is sold internationally. We would create a proposal that shows these companies the benefits on promoting healthy living to teenagers. Teenagers use these products often and it would be great publicity for the show as well as great advertisements for the three companies. Licensing the show should not be a problem since it is a branched off show of the current Iron Chef America. Merchandise could be sold to children, parents, preteens, and teenagers as well. Shirts, sweatpants, sneakers, hats, aprons, and cooking equipment that says teen challenge, Baste the Taste, YouFood, “Pouched Pride”, Chef’s Salad and “Be a teen, but eat green” sayings on a variety of the items would help promote the show and create more viewers to the show.

ULTIMATE GOAL: Our intention is to inform Americans of the necessary steps associated with creating a healthy lifestyle. We have researched and composed a website chock full of information regarding this highly prevalent issue in our society. Our presence on the web will encourage teens and parents alike to take initiative and incorporate well balanced dieting and exercise into their daily lifestyle. Games, quizzes and the online voting aspect will gain the attention of our young viewers. For parents, a mommy blog page will be linked to our site. Here, parents can share their experiences with their own children and their eating habits. This environment will offer a safe place for parents to vent about their concerns regarding their children’s eating habits and open a forum for others to provide success stories and advice for change. With the help of our celebrity sponsors, we will rapidly gain support for the urgency of our cause. In time, we hope to better the lives of many young Americans and offer a brighter future for generations to come.