REQUIRED BOOKS Are Available in the URI Bookstore

Guernsey, L. (2012). Screen Time. New York: Basic Books.

Ito, M. and others (2009). Living and Learning with New Media. Cambridge: MIT Press.


WEEK 12: Read for Tuesday, Nov 20
Views on the News, Hobbs, Cohn-Geltner, Landis (read pages 42 - 55)

WEEK 11:
READ for Tuesday, Nov 13
The Case for Keeping Out, Time Magazine
Cassell and Cramer, High Tech Moral Panics

WEEK 10: READ For Wednesday, November 7
Buckingham, Distress and Delight.

FOR Tuesday, October 16:
READ: Jordan, A. (2008). Children’s Media Policy. Future of Children 18, 235 – 250.

WEEK 4: Tuesday - Thursday
LISTEN: National Public Radio, Local Children’s Television

READ: Voice of America (2004). This is America: History of Children’s Television. Available online:

READ: Kirkorian, H., Wartella, E., & Anderson, D.R., (2008). Media and young children’s learning. Future of Children, 18, 63-86.

WEEK 3: Tuesday
Kid Screen Magazine, Fall 2012

Optional: Read KidScreen Summer 2012, May-June 2012 online here

WEEK 3: Thursday
London, Producing Children's Television

READ: Valcke, M., Bonte, S., De Wever, B. and Rots, I. (2010). Internet parenting styles and the impact on Internet use of primary school children. Computers and Education 55: 454 – 464.

READ:Hobbs, R. & RobbGrieco, M. (in press). African-American children’s active reasoning about media texts as a precursor to media literacy. Journal of Children and Media.

VIEW/READ: Digital Nation. Relationships, Parenting. Boston: WGBH Frontline.

READ: Cordes, C. and Miller, E. (2002). Fool’s Gold: A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood.

NAEYC Position Paper on Technology in Early Childhood (2012)