Sandy Farrell

For my final paper I wish to research the effects that smart phones and their apps have on those in the age groups of 13-18. We all know that cell phones, partially smart phones are a huge part of our life, in fact sometimes it can seem like our life. It seems more and more these day’s adolescents own cell phones at a younger age, this can have a great impact on their development.
For the paper I want to write how exactly smart phones effect adolescent’s development and social skills. I want to research if they do cause A.D.D or A.D.H.D tendencies if used at a younger age. I also want focus on what apps are the most popular and why. Also what is the negative side to these apps such as how Instargam and Twitter accounts can be use to promote eating disorders, self harm and bullying among adolescents. Finally I want to research if there are any positives to using any of the apps.
Along with the specifics of smart phones I will included what a good age is for adolescents to own a cell phone and also what can be done so parents can know what their children are doing on their phones. Cell phones are a big part of growing up and there is a lot to be researched about the effects they have.